Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Carrie Fisher

"Who do you think you would've turned out to be if you weren't an intergalactic princess?"

I'd be me

You know, Carrie

Just me

-Carrie Fisher

Since my awkward teenage years I have always wanted to be Princess Leia. She was the first film character I adored beyond reason, the first character I aspired to be. Leia was feisty, smart, witty, beautiful and could save herself. For generations of young women she was a role model, so different from the more traditional Princesses who were always waiting to be rescued. 

And Leia was brought to life by Carrie Fisher, Hollywood Royalty herself. Nineteen in the first Star Wars she too was feisty and intelligent, humorous, warm and honest, and I am incredibly sad to hear of her passing. 
Carrie's life was not always easy but she was a strong woman, a talented actresses, author and screenwriter, Carrie used her experiences to comfort and make people laugh. 
Following her own battles Carrie was passionate about mental health issues, and she strove tirelessly to end the stigma surrounding them. She wrote eight books and several screenplays. 

But thank you Carrie for being you, for showing us it didn't matter if you were a girl, didn't matter if you battled depression, didn't matter how you looked, you could still be a brave rebel Princess. 

Goodbye our Princess, you will be greatly missed & the Force will be with you always


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