Sunday, 28 December 2014

3. Grace Kelly

"You know, I just love Grace Kelly. Not because she was a princess, not because she was an actress, not because she was my friend, but because she was just about the nicest lady I ever met"
- James Stewart

Grace Kelly was the fairytale princess, a beautiful and talented actress, she was whisked away by a real Prince, living out the remainder of her days as Princess of Monaco. With her dignity and poise Grace's time was relatively brief in Hollywood but she fascinated a generation and continues to do so.

Born into a successful Philadelphian sporting family Grace knew she wanted to become an actress from an early age. Shy but determined Grace began her career as a model but it wasn't long before she became the favourite leading lady of some of the most famous actors and directors in Hollywood.

Early success on television saw Grace being cast in Fourteen Hours (1951) and the hugely popular Western, High Noon. Grace then went on to star in three Hitchcock films (Dial M for Murder, Rear Window, and To Catch a Thief) Which paired her with the likes of Ray Milland, James Stewart and Cary Grant. Grace proved she wasn't just a pretty face with her academy award winning role in The Country Girl (1954). Despite her talent Grace left the world of Hollywood behind when she married Prince Rainer of Monaco in 1956, it was dubbed the 'wedding of the century', and was broadcast live on television. After her marriage Grace settled down in her role as Princess, wife and mother. Her life was cut tragically short when she suffered a stroke whilst driving her car, she was fifty two years old.

For Alfred Hitchcock Grace was the ultimate 'Hitchcock Blonde', her apparent ice cold demeanour masked a passionate, fiery nature. Grace was also an incredibly brave woman, she fought hard for her career, but then gave it all up for the man she loved. Leaving her home, family and friends to forge a new life for herself in a strange country, where more was expected of her than of the average immigrant. Grace did all of this with her own quiet strength and dignity, taking an active interest in her adopted home's customs and people. Grace really was a Princess.

"I avoid looking back. I prefer good memories to regrets"
-Grace Kelly

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