Friday, 14 November 2014

Penelope (1966)

Penelope (Natalie Wood) is a self confessed kleptomaniac, she steals because it makes her 'cheerful'. At first she steals jewellery from those who have wronged her in some way but her compulsion reaches a head when she robs her husbands bank. Her psychiatrist is at his wits end, but using her own brand of intelligence and sense of humour Penelope seems to excel at what she does. However she is really desperate for her husband to notice her.

Penelope may not be the greatest film from the era but it is fun and very enjoyable. Natalie is lovely, and I think she is quite underrated as a comic actress. The film is reminiscent of How to Steal a Million, and at times Penelope reminded me of Audrey Hepburn's most famous character, Holly Golightly. One of the films most celebrated aspects are the gorgeous Edith Head costumes. 

The film also has a great soundtrack, I guarantee it's opening song will be stuck in your head! You can hear it here. Natalie also has the opportunity to sing in this lovely number. The film is full of sixties fun, from it's vibrant colours to the excellent, varied cast. If you wish to watch a sweet, amusing comedy, I recommend, Penelope!


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