Monday, 8 September 2014

The Fugitive Kind (1960)

Sidney Lumet's The Fugitive Kind brought three Oscar winners together, Marlon Brando, Anna Magnani and Joanne Woodward. Based on a Tennessee Williams play, the film followed the story of a guitar playing drifter (Brando) and his involvement with with his older employer who is suffering in an unhappy marriage.

Like many of Williams plays it is filled with powerful, complex characters whose outcomes are tragic. Brando plays a typical silent, strong rebel, and Woodward is fascinating as an alcoholic party girl, she makes the audience feel compassion for her character despite her characters lack of development. There is the sense that perhaps her character is the most complex. Magnani however is the star of the film, her raw emotion and sensitivity make her characters final scenes heartbreaking. Victor Jory is well cast as the villain, Magnani's dying husband.

For the most part the film is slow moving, but there is always tension sizzling under the surface (like many of Williams plays/films)  but the characters intensity, and the desire to know more about them keeps the viewer interested.


And as I love Paul and Joanne, here is a picture of Paul visiting Joanne on the set of this film!

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